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Locate, extract and alleys the exact data you need

This SAP Certified solution allows auditors or the SAP Competence Centre, under the control of the system administrator; to easily retrieve any table based online or archived data from SAP. AEC helps you respond quickly to requests from tax, internal, or external auditors.

The main purpose is to not waster time on technical procedures but to enable the auditors to monitor and analyze all extractions before their final storage or transfer. Your database is a goldmine for anyone who wants to analyze and identify productivity gains or financial savings, which will sometimes amount to millions.


Audit Extraction Cockpit (AEC) is an innovative product because it responds to a demand which was not covered by the market and is needed by customers and tax auditors. AEC has transformed the life of its users and their colleagues in the SAP centre of competence. The extraction of small or large, archived or online tables are no longer a source of conflict, all while retaining the most rigorous SOX procedures.

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Success Rate

AEC was selected as the solution for Data Extraction due to its functionality, ease of use and cost effectiveness. We already has an excellent experience with TJC for our archiving project and so we were confident that they could deliver on this very important project. The main advantages that we donut were the ease of use of the product, quick to implement and easy to train appropriate staff – both IT and Database administrators. It also allows undefended from the database department to rapidly perform data extractions from live or archived environment. The AEC solution allowed us to analyze the full scope of data and reinforce our day-to-day knowledge of the business. In addition, TJC have always provided us with the support in an efficient and professional manner.

John Bower

Group Internal Audit Manager - IT, Smurfit Kappa Group

The Benefits

  • Time gains during data extraction and analysis
  • Real opportunities for fiscal gains and/or financial savings due to better use of the information in your database
  • Automatization of extraction / recurrent analyses
  • Guaranteed system performance since the technical base for extracts is defined during installation by the system administrator
  • AEC was developed to reposted to requests for data extraction from databases of several dozen data terabytes

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