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Archiving Sessions Cockpit

Automating your SAP data archiving process

Archiving sessions cockpit (ASC) guarantees the customer that all recurring progresses of SAP data archiving are certified and assured. This frees up internal resources for more helpful tasks within the centre of competence that will give a greater return for the investment of time made.

The development of ASC came directly from multiple cline requests, that had stopped their archiving programs and were tired of having to restart a new project every year, source of larger internal data volume and increase the risk of data loss due to mismanagement of these processes.


They Trust TJC ASC

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Our goal was to archive our outdated SAP data in order to improve global performance and to keep an acceptable database size and growth. First of all, we had to decrease dramatically the size of our databases by archiving historic data. More than reducing project costs and securing archiving development. ASC has allowed us to generate archiving sessions automatically and to schedule them very easily.

Jean-Luc Montrobert

CIO, Ugitech


ASC meets a need not covered by the market, yet expected by customers. ASC has changed the normal project methodology of archiving SAP data because the implementation of this tool significantly reduces project costs and ensures the recurrence of automated processes throughout the life of a SAP system. The automation with a SAP certified tool avoid any manual errors and duplications.

  • Automation of recurrent processes 100%
  • Managing database growth 100%
  • Reduction of project costs 30%
  • Increased system response time 64%

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