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DART Sessions Cockpit (DSC)

Designed to work seamlessly with the SAP data retention tool (DART), the DART Sessions Cockpit (DSC) allows you to securely automate DART extracts.

DSC Overview

DART Sessions Cockpit (DSC), which is based on the SAP DART tool, simplifies your audit and data retention tasks by allowing you to define and automate data extraction tasks.

Developed to meet the needs of a diverse range of clients, this SAP certified add-on reduces the resource needed to generate the DART extracts your business needs to ensure legal compliance.


How does DART Sessions Cockpit (DSC) work?

DSC is an ABAP add-on for SAP. It integrates directly with the DART tool, allowing you to use the standard DART screens to define and manage automated extractions. Because of its close integration with AEC, DSC can be managed in the same way, with the same security settings and system resource allocation to help you maximize the performance of your SAP implementation.

Reduces workload through automation

DSC allows you to automate DART sessions, significantly reducing the effort required to produce tax and audit compliant extracts. As DSC is fully customizable, you can set it up to extract only the data your business needs at the intervals that suit you from both online data and archives.

Full process monitoring and reporting capabilities

DSC manages the extraction process from start to finish, automatically restarting interrupted sessions and notifying administrators of any errors. DSC can also integrate with our ASC software to ensure stronger data management and archiving process.

Produces standard DART reports and extracts

As DSC manages DART extraction, standard DART reports and extracts are produced. These can then be used for auditing or tax purposes as appropriate.

Inbuilt scheduling and management tools

DSC allows you to define and schedule many different DART extracts to meet the varying needs of your business. Unlike the SAP scheduling tool, these do not require manual input, reducing the risk of errors.

DSC only allows DART sessions to be executed during authorized time slots in order to protect SAP service level agreements.