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DART Sessions Cockpit – DSC

Target fiscal year data to protect your company from Internal Revenue Services

This software solution allows users of the DART (Data Retention Tool) solution, offered by SAP, to automate DART extracts, in turn reducing the overall work load. Users are able to schedule extracts and control DART using the SAP Scheduler. Variants have to be modified manually or created by a z-report. Every DART extract needs user actions leading to the possibility of errors. Dart Sessions Cockpit (DSC) automatically crates the necessary DART variants based on simple customizing and will give a complete and detailed preview of all processes via the DSC cockpit while helps manage all jobs.

What is DART?

The SAP Data Retention Tool is a standard process and used for Tax and Legal reporting; extracting data based on fiscal periods for use in third party analysis software. A standard DART extraction process can contain several steps all f which are started manually and must be verified by the user.

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