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InfoArchive Product Features

Reduce IT complexity, optimize infrastructure,
ensure regulatory compliance.

The Information Dilemma

Many organizations are experiencing an exploding growth in business information, as well as an increase in regulatory requirements. Legacy and enterprise applications are bursting with all types of structured and unstructured data and content. And with the transforming enterprise, it is becoming essential that organizations provide access and analytic capabilities to this valuable information.

An Enterprise Archive

InfoArchive is the next generation enterprise archiving platform that accelerates IT transformation by securing and leveraging critical application data – both structured and unstructured. It enables large scale application retirement and optimization of production environments and facilitates application data integration and reuse – supporting new users, cloud applications and analytics.

GDPR Compliance

InfoArchive allows to decommission legacy applications into a (GDPR) compliant archive, instead of having to one by one adapt them for GDPR. Additionally, live archiving of short-lived transactions would allow to “delegate” compliance responsibility to the archive as well. I.e.: having InfoArchive as the central legal archive (compliance engine) is an organizational paradigm that delivers Data Protection by Design for the Enterprise at a lower complexity, risk, and cost while improving agility and performance. It is a foundational architectural component in your GDPR compliance strategy.

Persistent Compliance and Enhanced eDiscovery

InfoArchive reduces corporate risk and ensures compliance with regulatory and legal mandates with comprehensive retention and eDiscovery capabilities.  Strengthened functionality for companies to search and create defensible collections from the data sets managed by InfoArchive, for examination by inside counsel, legal representatives, and other involved parties. Data sets can include any ESI ingested into InfoArchive, including high volume email. The eDiscovery functions include deduplication and metadata analysis.

The Archive Tool You’ll Ever Need

Unlike any other archiving solution, InfoArchive’s unified approach to application archiving reduces costs, satisfies compliance regulations, and enables application decommissioning in a single efficient and scalable enterprise software solution.






Cost Take Out

Persistent Compliance

Application Optimization

Information Transformation

AWS and Azure Compatibility

InfoArchive is compatible with Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure, allowing customers to use Amazon’s and Microsofts highly reliable, scalable, fast, and inexpensive data storage infrastructure.

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