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SAP OS/DB Migrations

If at any stage of the SAP software life cycle you should need to change your operating system and/or database, the SAP OS/DB Migration Check optimally prepares you for a successful migration and supports smooth continued operations on the new platform.

The OS/DB Migration Check is mandatory if you are going to migrate a productive system. The service delivery then includes all the systems in that system landscape.

If you want full support for the migration (be it a production system or not) then you must secure the services of a technical consultant with a special certification for OS/DB migration.

Value Proposition

SAP OS/DB Migration Check minimizes technical risk involved in an operating system and/or database migration and avoids unforeseen costs that can occur during the migration.

The benefits of this service are as follows:

  • Efficient, technically robust operation of your new operating system and/or database is achieved with minimum cost
  • Your migration project is accelerated to get a faster return on your investment
  • Expensive system downtimes during the migration are minimized
  • System resource usage is optimized to make the most of your IT investment
  • Infrequently required migration expertise is outsourced

Delivery Type

The SAP OS/DB Migration Check consists of two service sessions: OS/DB Migration Analysis and OS/DB Migration Verification session. The delivery of the individual sessions takes place at key phases in the migration project. The Analysis session takes place after the project start while the Verification session takes place after the final migration.

In Detail

In order to fully exploit the opportunities in today’s economy, organizations are facing increasingly fast growth of their solution landscapes. This growth often requires changes in operating systems and/or databases. With the SAP OS/DB Migration Check you manage the risk involved in a migration. The result of this check is that your system is prepared for a smooth migration ending with high availability and high performance of your new operating system and/or database.

Analysis Session

The Analysis Session checks whether your current hardware is sufficient for the target system. It takes place five weeks before migrating the production system and is performed on the source system. The load distribution is analyzed and recommendations are made for the configuration of the new system. This session checks the following:

  • Migration project related issues
    • Technical data of the source system environment
    • Technical data of the target system environment
    • The migration project schedule
  • Hardware sizing feasibility
  • Load distribution (if necessary, optimization recommendations are given)
  • Configuration of the new system
    • SAP system parameters
    • Database parameters
    • User/load distribution
  • Performance before migration
  • Transaction profiles
  • Number and distribution of users

The result of this session is a report that indicates whether SAP recommends to continue the project or not to continue because of concerns, whether enough hardware resources are available and what parameter configurations need to be performed by you for a successful migration.

Verification Session

The Verification Session occurs six weeks after migration of the production system and is performed on the target system. It is a routine check of the new operating system and/or database to verify the assumptions from the Analysis Session. This session provides corrective measures for avoiding potential bottlenecks. The Verification Session looks at the following:

  • Comparison of response time before and after migration
  • Performance analysis on the new OS/DB combination
  • Verification of whether all the required SAP recommendations were implemented
    • SAP system parameters
    • Database parameters
  • User/load distribution
  • Optimization of load distribution and identification of potential bottlenecks

The result of this session is a report similar to that received in the Analysis Session. The difference is that now you have a productive system which contains representative data from daily operations. This final report confirms system configuration and provides additional recommendations for improvements.

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