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Faster Queries in SAP BW

In the case of very large volumes of data it is worthwhile using the PBS nearline solutions with column-oriented database technology. When doing this, you can use either SAP Sybase IQ or Vectorwise by Actian as the analytics server. The column-oriented database technology enables an even greater degree of data compression and significantly more speed in reporting than is possible without a separate database in the ADK version

BW Archiving – Nearline Solution

PBS CBW NLS Solutions for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse enable SAP customers to act effectively against the unrestrained growth of the database and the accompanying increase in operating costs. CBW NLS provides effective nearline storage for transparent user access to archived InfoCube and DataStore objects via standard SAP NetWeaver BW queries. CBW is completely integrated into the data archiving process (DAP) of the SAP nearline storage (NLS) interface and lets users evaluate archived data separately or integrated with data from the SAP NetWeaver BW database.



Reduce Database Size & Growth

PBS enables customer to archive more aggressively as the archived InfoProviders are completely accessible via standard SAP NetWeaver BW queries. This also enables you to control the future data growth.


All Info Providers

CBW covers transparent access to archived InfoCubes and DataStore objects. Additionally, archiving, retrieval and reloading of PSA data is covered.


Large Compression

ADK and Sybase IQ easily exceed an 80% compression rate. Reduced sapce consumption and thus high cost savings are achieved.


Optimal Integration

CNW NLS is an easy to install software solution with enhanced integration into the SAP nearline storage interface.

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Solution Brief


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Additional Information

PBS CBW NLS provides an infrastructure to either transfer SAP NetWeaver BW data to an external nearline storage device (here the Sybase IQ Analytics Server) or archive the data to ADK archive files. Both options are integrated into the SAP NLS interface and use the SAP data archiving process (DAP). Both provide excellent data compression which easily exceeds a compression rate of 80 %. Transparent and fast query access to the data will be covered by the SAP NLS interface and the corresponding PBS Interface. CBW includes MultiProvider integration. Additionally, PBS provides effective archiving , retrieval and reloading of PSA data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which languages are PBS Solutions available for?
German, English, and French are currently supported. For all other languages, we provide a PBS tool with which you can automatically generate translations in the language desired for up to 95 percent of the software.
On which platforms can PBS software be used?
PBS software can be used on any platform suitable for running SAP software.
Do I need a specific database license for PBS Software?
No. Like SAP archives, the data generated by PBS software is stored in the file system of the operating system. Only about ten bytes per document are stored in the database tables set up during the installation of PBS software in an SAP system.

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