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Archive Solutions For SAP ECC

Access database and archived data in an integrated manner even after you have performed data archiving using your regular transactions, reports or queries. Your archiving solution is only really complete with PBS archive add ons that can be seamlessly integrated with your SAP system. They are set up identically to the SAP modules and can be installed really easily. Our products are SAP certified.

SAP ERP: Archive with Confidence

PBS archive add ons are modular, ready-to-run software packages for SAP ERP. They enhance the SAP data archiving functionality and enable seamless and comfortable retrieval features for archived SAP data from many important application modules. Archived application data can be displayed simultaneously with database data using PBS archive enhanced display transactions and reports. Archived data is clearly marked by the PBS archive indicator.

The complete information remains transparent to end users. With its large solution portfolio PBS provides software tools which are specifically designed to comply with the requirements of effective Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) in SAP ERP.

  • Reduction in Database Size and Growth 80%
  • All InfoProvider Delivered 100%
  • Large Compression 75%
  • Optimal Integration 95%


Reduce TCO and Postpone Hardward Investment


User-Friendly Access to Archived Data


Database Optimization & Audit Compliant

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Business Benefits

In addition to data stored in the database, PBS archive add ons also display information from archive files. PBS transactions contain the same user interface as original SAP transactions. With the integrated access of PBS display transactions, users can easily navigate to preceding or subsequent data within a document flow, even if some or all of the documents have already been archived. Linked original documents (e.g., scanned invoices) are displayed in the familiar way via the SAP ArchiveLink interface. PBS archive add ons are pure software solutions and utilize the SAP Archive Development Kit (ADK).

After an SAP data archiving job has been completed, a PBS indexing program creates index information corresponding to these SAP archive files. This PBS index is stored in a compressed format in flat files outside the SAP database, either in a local file system or in external storage systems. Thus, accessing archived data does not put any load on the SAP database. Because PBS display functionality is analogous to original SAP display transactions and reports, users do not need any training. The response time for archived data retrieval via PBS archive add ons is comparable to database access. PBS archive add ons are ready-to-run standard software packages.

PBS installation is as easy as installing hot packages; adjustments to new SAP releases and updates are provided to customers as part of a support services agreement. PBS archive add ons also support data extraction from database and archive to cover legal requirements and audits.

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Solution Brief

PBS ECC Solution Brief

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We help out clients effectively manage and take control of their SAP database by implementing smart Information Life Cycle Management solutions by following SAP best-prectices. Jonathan P. Simpson

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the PBS archive add ons?

PBS archive add-ons® are add-on solutions that can be used immediately for SAP data archiving. They are tailored to corresponding SAP modules and ensure that you can access all of your data quickly and seamlessly – in both archives and databases simultaneously – even after archiving.

What are the requirements for installing the PBS archive add ons?

You need to have successfully completed your SAP data archiving. Free capacity in the file system of your operating system is also required. The software is installed in the SAP program library using SAP standard tools. The only difference from the SAP standard is a PBS-specific namespace, /PBS/, that must be created first.

In which SAP solutions can PBS software be used?

Most PBS software products are mainly used in SAP ERP or R/3. The PBS archive add ons are tailored to the corresponding SAP modules. PBS provides an expanding range of products for SAP NetWeaver BI, SAP Industry Solutions, and SAP Retail.

On which platforms can PBS software be used?

PBS software can be used on any platform suitable for running SAP software.

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