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Our success has come from continually providing excellence in recruiting the industry’s top performers for our clients, as well as assisting IT professionals in search of new projects and employment opportunities. Bringing The Best Together

At Sigma, we have applied our technology, industry and process skills to put state-of-the-art information management technology and business process tools in the hands of our account management and recruitment teams. These professionals are well-versed in a broad range of technologies. They fully understand the complete selection process and always strive to maintain high professional standards.

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At Sigma we always assume that those we are dealing with are professionals and that you place your trust in us to work effectively and actively on your behalf. We have great respect for you and all those we work closely with, and we will strive to ensure that your trust is never broken.

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Sigma’s team of account managers and staffing specialists are committed to a strict code of ethical practices, ISO 9001 quality standards and continuous improvement. This means that we do things consistently, which translates into positive and measured results for both you and our clients.

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Our courteous, professional and pro-active sales and recruiting teams provide a high level of detail about positions allowing you to make an informed decision and without pressure. We also assure you that your resume or personal information will never be presented to a client without your prior approval.

More about Outsourcing

Sigma consultants make it a practice to know as much about you (the “applicant”) as possible including your current skills, development aspirations and job interests. They also provide a high level” of detail about the position, helping you to make an informed choice. They respect your privacy, and resumes or names of applicants are never presented to any client without prior approval from the applicant.


Our client base includes quality organizations of all sizes across the United States and Canada, and whether your objective is to find a contract, project management, outsourcing or a full-time career position, Sigma looks forward to being your partner in search.