PBS ContentLink

Benefit from Lean and Compliant Storage

When storing thousands of files and documents, it’s easy to lose track of the results. Furthermore, you may be concerned you’re no longer meeting high compliance requirements for storing your SAP archive files, documents, print lists and more.

PBS ContentLink provides a solution. It’s a lean interface solution that offers an ideal storage option for a wide range of SAP files and document types (SAP archive files, documents, print lists, etc.).

PBS ContentLink supports the SAP ArchiveLink interface, as well as the WebDAV 3.0 protocol. For compliant storage, data can be enhanced by metadata containing retention values. That means ContentLink is ideal for supporting the SAP ILM Retention Manager and Retention Warehouse.

PBS ContentLink covers all requirements for a compliant and high-performing data storage system and connects SAP systems with modern, state-of-the-art storage platforms. A dedicated caching option accelerates access to SAP archive files (ADK).

In addition, PBS ContentLink provides efficient data search options to support individual analyses. ContentLink is available for proven fixed content storage platforms and leading cloud platforms.

Hundreds of customers worldwide are using PBS ContentLink to achieve a cost-effective compliant data storage solution.

Enjoy Minimal Administrative Efforts

The administrative effort for PBS ContentLink is minimal. Neither a database nor daily backup is required. All requirements for SAP ILM-compliant storage are met.

Benefits of ContentLink

  • Lean and powerful interface solution for compliant data storage
  • No own database, no backup, simple administration
  • Connects NetWeaver-based SAP systems with fixed content storage or cloud storage
  • Supports SAP ArchiveLink and WebDAV 3.0 protocols
  • Certified by SAP SE

PBS ContentLink SAP System