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| SAP Application Decommissioning

Benefits to the Enterprise​

As businesses grow, so does their data and the valuable information within. This contributes to the often exponential growth of organization’s SAP systems. However, it is the data and information contained within these systems, and not the out-dated legacy application itself, that remains valuable to the enterprise. Thus, SAP application decommissioning is a valuable approach to managing organization’s growing database. Below we list some benefits to SAP application decommissioning with Sigma Business Solutions.​

1. Lower costs​

Increasing costs of hardware, software, infrastructure, and expertise place stress on IT budgets and resources. Migration and consolidation of SAP data from legacy applications can lead to instant cost-savings, as systems ranging from gigabytes to terabytes of data can be completely decommissioned, with no dependency on the original application. This allows you to do away with obsolete hardware and the costs that come with maintaining and supporting it. ​

2. Simplify regulatory compliance and long-term retention ​

Millions of dollars are spent protecting and maintaining legacy infrastructure solely for regulatory compliance purposes. A sound decommissioning plan can address the encryption, privacy, and retention requirements of information governance policies, consolidating compliance efforts for both structured and unstructured data from multiple SAP applications, mitigating risk and simplifying compliance. Following decommissioning, you’ll have all important data tables available in your enterprise archive and any future audit or analytics requirements can be fulfilled.

3. Unify access​

In an era of Digital Transformation, many organizations struggle to gain a single view of all their relevant business information, archived data, and decommissioned data in order to gain valuable, actionable insights. Application decommissioning with a modern archive platform can help unify access to this legacy information to help you effectively maximize the value in your data.

4. Scalable and efficient for growth and migration​

System decommissioning supports SAP’s goal of moving existing customers to SAP S/4HANA and the cloud. When organizations move to S/4HANA, they can either migrate all data to the new environment (“brownfield”) or, more strategically, migrate only business relevant data to the new S/4HANA environment. The latter approach allows you to retire legacy systems and optimizes for database growth and improved system performance in the new HANA environment by preparing your data foundation in advance of the migration. ​

SAP Application Decommissioning with Sigma Business Solutions​

For two decades, Sigma Business Solutions has provided organizations, both large and small, with the tools and expertise they need to realize the benefits of SAP application decommissioning. Sigma has built proprietary solutions for successful decommissioning of any SAP application, with the ability to extract all data types, with built-in Chain-of-Custody capabilities so you can have confidence throughout the entirety of the project. ​

To learn more about the Sigma Migration Center and decommissioning SAP applications with Sigma, please contact one of our experts today.​