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For over 20 years, TJC Group has been providing businesses with consultancy and SAP- certified software to support SAP data archiving and extraction for tax and audit. They specialize in complex projects that require specific technical skills, combining in-depth technical knowledge of SAP systems with an understanding of business processes, including tax and audit obligations.

Archiving Sessions Cockpit (ASC)


  • Automate recurrent archiving processes
  • Manage growth of SAP database
  • Simplify complex archiving tasks
  • Define archiving jobs based on a range of variable

ASC is an SAP certified add-on developed in ABAP. It provides a single, simple interface for managing and monitoring SAP archiving. This allows archiving to continue on an ongoing basis without significant staff input, greatly increasing the ROI of an archiving project. Because ASC can create and manage multiple variants of archiving jobs to suit your different reporting requirements, significant reductions in person-hours and use of system resources can easily be achieved.

Automate your recurrent archiving processes

Your ongoing archiving jobs can effectively be ‘forgotten’ with ASC. This avoids the risk of manual errors and duplications that can result from manually initiated archiving tasks and provides a significant saving in resource.

Manages the growth of your SAP database throughout the life of the system

Regular archiving using ASC will keep the overall size of your SAP database within manageable levels, delaying the need for hardware investment and providing a positive impact on system performance.

Simplifies the definition and implementation of complex archiving tasks

Archiving tasks specific to particular functions, such as audit and tax compliance are more straightforward to implement and run alongside more general archiving tasks.

Allows archiving jobs to be defined based on a range of variables

Specific archiving jobs can easily be created by country, company group or other variable. This helps to freeze your data against organizational changes such as sale, merger or transfer of activity.

DART Sessions Cockpit (DSC)

Decommissioning legacy SAP applications for cloud migration, infrastructure optimization, and compliance


  • Reduce workload through automation
  • Produce standard DARK reports and extracts
  • Inbuilt scheduling and management tools
  • Full process monitoring and reporting capabilities

DART Sessions Cockpit (DSC), which is based on the SAP DART tool, simplifies your audit and data retention tasks by allowing you to define and automate data extraction tasks. Developed to meet the needs of a diverse range of clients, DSC reduces the resource needed to generate the DART extracts your business needs to ensure legal compliance

DSC is an ABAP add-on for SAP. It integrates directly with the DART tool, allowing you to use the standard DART screens to define and manage automated extractions. Because of its close integration with AEC, DSC can be managed in the same way, with the same security settings and system resource allocation to help you maximize the performance of your SAP implementation.

Reduces workload through automation

DSC allows you to automate DART sessions, significantly reducing the effort required to produce tax and audit compliant extracts. As DSC is fully customizable, you can set it up to extract only the data your business needs at the intervals that suit you from both online data and archives.

Produces standard DART reports and extracts

As DSC manages DART extraction, standard DART reports and extracts are produced. These can then be used for auditing or tax purposes as appropriate.

Inbuilt scheduling and management tools

DSC allows you to define and schedule many different DART extracts to meet the varying needs of your business. Unlike the SAP scheduling tool, these do not require manual input, reducing the risk of errors. DSC only allows DART sessions to be executed during authorized time slots in order to protect SAP service level agreements.

Full process monitoring and reporting capabilities

DSC manages the extraction process from start to finish, automatically restarting interrupted sessions and notifying administrators of any errors. DSC can also integrate with our ASC software to ensure a stronger data management and archiving process.

Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T)

Simplify SAF-T data extraction and report preparation


  • Create SAF-T reports with a single tool
  • Stable reliable performance
  • Full audit trail ensuring consistency

TJCs SAF-T software solution makes it easy to generate data extracts that are compliant with current and future country-specific SAF-T definitions. With mapping defined by one of the Big Four leading global audit firms, our SAF-T software enables your business to extract data according to the local SAF-T requirement for the country you are operating in.

Developed to meet the OECD guidelines and updated to meet each country-specific definition as it is released, our SAF-T solution helps your business to achieve tax compliance wherever it operates.

Built in ABAP, our add-on allows the use of SAP databases, archived data, and non-SAP systems as data sources for SAF-T extracts. Designed to extract large volumes of data with ease, our SAF-T can output data in any format for easy import into auditing software.

TJCs SAF-T software produces detailed logs for data traceability to ensure that your extracts are consistent with source data. Advanced SAP security features allow systems administrators to give direct access to data, while maintaining your organizational infosec policies.

Create SAF-T reports on time for each country you operate in with a single tool

With predefined country-specific definitions for each territory that currently implements SAF-T, our software makes it easy to output the relevant data required for compliance.

Stable and reliable performance, even with large data extractions

Our SAF-T software has been specifically designed to manage large data volumes without stability issues. The ABAP code base and close integration with SAP makes it easy for system administrators to minimize the impact on wider system performance.

Full audit trail to ensure data consistency

With detailed logs allowing auditors to trace extracts back to source data with ease, you can be confident that the data in your SAF-T extracts are consistent with the source data and that the risk to your business is minimized.

Make better use of your business data

The SAF-T software allows you to easily access and extract data from both your live SAP and non-SAP databases, as well as your archives. This data can then be analyzed and reviewed in detail, providing the potential to identify productivity gains or financial savings that could amount to millions.

Audit Extraction Cockpit

Simplify the extraction of SAP data for audit purposes from both online and archive sources


  • Save time and resources
  • Make better use of business data
  • No impact on system performance
  • Complete traceability

Audit Extraction Cockpit (AEC) is a SAP certified software solution that allows auditors to quickly and easily retrieve data from online and archived SAP tables. Systems administrators can set authorizations on a by field basis and limit access by table or selection criteria to give auditors autonomy within your existing security policies and limit the impact on system performance.

How does Audit Extraction Cockpit (AEC) work?

Developed in collaboration with auditors, AEC is a certified ABAP add-on for SAP that generates archives in any format to ensure your archived data will be readily accepted by audit tools. AEC has been designed to managed large data volumes (in excess of 30TB) without impacting on the performance of your SAP system.

AEC Benefits

Save time and resources
By giving auditors autonomy to design and run extracts, within the parameters of your information and systems security, the need for support from systems administrators can be greatly reduced.

AEC also allows for the automation of recurring extracts, reducing the staff time required to access relevant data. This automation ensures that the right data is delivered to the right person without errors and on time.

Make better use of your business data
AEC allows you to access and immediately extract data easily, from both your live database and archived data. This data can then be analyzed and reviewed, allowing you to identify productivity gains or financial savings that could amount to millions.

No impact on system performance
Being written in ABAP, the AEC add-on can be easily managed by systems administrators with the ability to schedule extracts, define time slots and set forbidden dates. System administrators can set the maximum number of processes and extracts per table to manage the impact on system performance.

Complete traceability
By working with auditors in the design and development of AEC, we have created a SAP extraction tool that ensures consistency with the source data

Report Automation Cockpit (RAC)

Integrate seamlessly with SAP and securely automate reporting


  • Eliminate manual tasks
  • Reduce manual errors
  • Fully logged and traceable
  • Configure user access
  • Easily generate large volumes of reports

Report Automation Cockpit (RAC) simplifies the definition and management of ongoing and one-off reports from your SAP database by automating the process. This reduces the need for staff to perform repetitive manual tasks, cutting the cost of reporting and reducing the risk of errors being introduced.

RAC has been designed to meet client needs for a tool to support the high volume of reporting generated by ILM and decommissioning projects, as well as audit and tax obligations.

How does Report Automation Cockpit (RAC) work?

RAC is an ABAP add-on certified by SAP that automatically generates periodic reports and provides flexible output options. Fully integrated with SAP and using the SAP user interface, RAC can be easily incorporated into your existing workflows. RAC provides secure user access using your SAP system settings and ensures secure transmission and retrieval of data.

RAC provides a single, easy to use interface for defining, running, monitoring and reviewing reports. Reports can be defined based on variants, report frequency, output format and storage destination. Reports can be output in PDF, RTF or TXT formats as per your requirements.

Report Automation Cockpit Benefits

Eliminates the need for extensive and repetitive manual tasks
Reporting can require significant staff effort to define and run in order to meet the requirements of your business for audit or ILM. RAC dramatically reduces this requirement by automating many of these tasks.

Reduces manual errors
The repetitive, manual nature of traditional SAP reporting can lead to errors being introduced, which can cause significant problems. RAC can eliminate these errors by automating the tasks and reducing the opportunities for errors to be introduced.

Fully logged and traceable
For audit purposes you can be confident that the reports generated by RAC are consistent with the original data. Full logging allows you to trace outputs back the their data source.

Makes it easy to generate large volumes of reports
Mass reporting is key for ILM and SAP decommissioning and merging projects to ensure fiscal compliance in the future. RAC simplifies the generation of multiple reports without the need for repetitive manual tasks.

Configurable user access
Granular security settings allow systems administrators to grant auditors, tax managers and other key staff access to reports at any time without compromising the security of your SAP data.

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