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SAP is one of the world’s leading producers of software for the management of business processes, developing solutions that facilitate effective data processing and information flow across organizations. The company’s integrated applications connect all parts of a business into an intelligent suite on a fully digital platform, thereby replacing the process-driven, legacy platform.


Manage information through its lifecycle while balancing cost, risk, and compliance


  • On-premise deployment
  • Data creation, usage, storage, and destruction
  • Reduction of IT landscape growth and complexity
  • Access to a wealth of data at a lower cost

Streamline your IT infrastructure and protect the privacy rights of your consumer data with the SAP Information Lifecycle Management (SAP ILM) component. You can automate data archiving and retention, as well as the decommissioning of legacy systems, while balancing the total cost of ownership, risk, and legal compliance.

Key Capabilities

Data archiving and management
  • Manage data volumes while keeping business context completely intact
  • Move outdated data securely into long-term, less-expensive storage
  • Provide convenient access to archived data
Retention Management
  • Support the complete lifecycle of structured and unstructured data
  • Define data management policies and rules
  • Know where data is stored, how long data is retained, and when data can be destroyed
System decommissioning
  • Shut down legacy systems and bring data from SAP and third-party systems into a central warehouse
  • View data even after the original system has been shut down
  • Provide on-demand data access and reporting options


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