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Sigma Business Solutions has focused on providing enterprise SAP data management solutions and services for over 20 years. Sigma is a global leader in SAP information life cycle management, including SAP archiving, SAP application decommissioning, and SAP S/4HANA migration. Sigma ensures organizations have the capability to manage their SAP data from its creation to its destruction.

Sigma Migration Center

Decommissioning legacy SAP applications for cloud migration, infrastructure optimization, and compliance

Organizations must continually assess the cost and effort involved in maintaining data within legacy SAP applications. Legal retention periods and policy compliance often require organizations to maintain SAP data in multiple applications for long periods of time. However, it is the data contained within the legacy systems that remains important to the organization, and not the hardware that has been outlived by the data. Maintaining this data on legacy hardware requires continued support including the hardware itself, software, infrastructure, and expertise. Decommissioning these legacy systems and migrating this data to a cost-effective and accessible interface lowers costs, improves access, and simplifies compliance.

The Sigma Migration Center (SMC) by Sigma Business Solutions allows organizations to retire legacy on-prem versions of SAP that are taking up significant resources. Together with OpenText™ InfoArchive, all structured and unstructured data can be archived in a highly accessible, scalable, and economical manner. The SMC is responsible for extracting, loading, and transforming SAP data from an SAP application into InfoArchive. After ingestion into InfoArchive, the SMC provides ready-to-deploy pre-built views as well as an ad hoc Query Generator, giving users the ability to continually create timely and valuable reports and analyses.

The Sigma Migration Center can be broken down into three main components: Extractor, Pre-built Views, and Ad Hoc Query Generator.


Sigma’s SAP certified extractor has the ability to lift any data from any origin SAP applications including, but not limited to, ECC, BW, CRM, SRM, S/4HANA, GTS, and HCM. As well, all data types can be extracted including SAP structured, unstructured, archive files (ADK), and custom data (z-tables). The SMC provides a built-in chain of custody to ensure complete visibility throughout the process.

Pre Built Views

The Sigma Migration Center does the heavy lifting and shortens engagement times by providing 80+ ready-to-deploy views and reports that maintain the SAP GUI and querying capabilities. The views display all SAP data in a harmonized view and have drill down ‘nested’ search capability, maintaining document flow. The views emulate the SAP user interface to allow for a seamless transition and minimal user disruption.

Ad Hoc Query Generator

The Sigma Ad Hoc Query Generator is a powerful tool that allows organizations to create new views and reports as needed for immediate auditing or other purposes where new queries and reports are required.

Sigma Content Migration Utility (CMU)

The Sigma Content Migration Utility (CMU) allows for the migration/movement of archive files, inbound/outbound documents, print lists, DMS documents, and SAP Office attachments from one HTTP content repository to another. The CMU can handle unstructured data with any SAP-certified content storage.

One can analyze the various content types that are currently in use in the SAP system, then later define migration sessions that meet the selection criteria. When selection is ready, one can manage the sessions by launching them in the background while monitoring progress and logs from the built-in session manager. This tool also supports the analysis of content repositories, verifying that they are properly configured and available to read from or store to.

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