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| SAP Decommissioning Solution Capabilities

Critical features to look for in a decommissioning solution

SAP application decommissioning is an initiative organizations use to manage legacy applications. However, the data that resides within the legacy applications is critical to the organization. Whether for compliance purposes, audit, or analysis, this data must be maintained and readily accessible. Before applications are decommissioned, the data within is migrated to a platform of choice, for example, a modern archive platform where data can be readily accessed in a simplified manner.

Below we list some key functionalities to look for in a decommissioning solution to deliver a secure and successful SAP application decommissioning and archiving project.

Key Capabilities of an SAP Decommissioning Solution: 

1. System Compatibility 

Is the solution compatible with all SAP systems you would like to decommission? Is the solution scalable to support the future evolution of your SAP landscape? 

2. Transformation 

Can the solution extract and migrate all data types? This includes structured, unstructured, archive files (ADK), custom data (z-tables), and DART files.  

3. Data Volume 

Can the solution handle large data volumes? What are the solutions data volume limits? Can the solution customize extraction methodologies to meet the needs of both full extraction and carve-out scenarios? 

4. Validation 

It is important to ensure there are multiple check points to validate your data throughout the entirety of the extraction and ingestion process. Does the solution include these important checks and balances throughout?  

5. Data Integrity 

Does the solution which you will be migrating the legacy data offer chain-of-custody, audit, and immutability to the legacy data?  

6. Information Lifecycle Management 

Does the solution include information lifecycle management capabilities for the legacy data including management of retention policies, data purges, and legal holds?  

7. Security and Privacy 

Does the solution cover security and privacy parameters including masking, encryption, and access control of the legacy data? 

Data Migration and Application Decommissioning with Sigma

All in all, your decommissioning solution should make the process as simple and efficient as possible. Sigma Business Solutions is equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to ensure success every step of the way. From project scoping and recommendations to full-scope implementation and support, Sigma can guide your organization on best-practices and industry standards.

To learn more about the Sigma Migration Center and decommissioning SAP applications with Sigma, please contact one of our experts today.​