Tame the Data Demon

PBS add-on solutions improve SAP ® environments

Reduce SAP operational costs.

Shrink your data footprint.
Control data growth.
Prepare for a migration

When running an SAP system, you face challenges every day: Do you still have the right concepts for information lifecycle management and data archiving? Is your data retrieval performance still appropriate? Have you included audit requirements and a migration to SAP HANA in your plan? At the same time, your SAP database is growing rapidly, users are complaining about poor response times, your backup runs slowly and so on.
PBS software solutions address these requirements. Easily, and at the lowest cost.

For more than 25 years, PBS has offered a large portfolio of add-on solutions for SAP users. With well-proven PBS products, you can improve your SAP system resources significantly, minimize TCO and avoid system bottlenecks.

Many well-known global brands are using PBS software successfully to support SAP data archiving, information lifecycle management, nearline storage (NLS) and compliant data storage. Additionally, PBS offers solutions to meet audit requirements and SAP system decommissioning.

As a long-term SAP partner and a current member of the SAP PartnerEdge Build program, we our solutions are certified regularly by SAP. Our team consists of highly qualified SAP experts who are constantly improving the scope of our software. We assure the quality and accuracy of our products and secure your investment for the future by implementing the latest software technologies.

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.”

~Peter Sondergaard, Gartner

For more than 25 years, hundreds of customers worldwide have benefited from
PBS archive addons. That includes SMEs as well as well-known global brands.

PBS Software GmbH

PBS Software GmbH is a leading provider of add-on solutions for SAP systems in the areas of information lifecycle management, data archiving, nearline storage and compliant data storage, as well as data extraction and system decommissioning.

For more than 25 years, well-known local and international customers have successfully used PBS solutions for numerous installations. Globally, PBS Software GmbH is a recognized expert for complex, integrated access to “hot”, “warm” and “cold” data.

With its innovative nearline storage solutions, PBS improves the analysis options for very large data volumes (big data) and is ideally positioned for current and future requirements in the SAP space. PBS solutions are certified by SAP, and PBS has been SAP partner for many years (currently in the SAP PartnerEdge Build program).