PBS Archive Add Ons for SAP ERP

Seamless Data Access to Archive Data and Online Database

Is your SAP database is growing, along with response times? Perhaps you want to archive mature application data to improve system performance, but you’re worried it will restrict access to critical information. Or, if you have an upcoming audit, you’re concerned about maintaining unrestricted data access and flexible extraction options.

PBS archive add ons are specifically developed to cover these scenarios.

  • They enhance standard SAP archiving features and allow seamless access to archived application data. With PBS-adapted transactions and reports, users can display and evaluate archive data as if this data was still in the original SAP database.
  • PBS archive add ons contain several options to extract data for audit purposes and meet legal requirements.
  • They are available for all major SAP modules and cover more than 75 SAP archiving objects. There are hundreds of archive-enabled transactions and programs are presently available. Based on a modular concept, customers can select the PBS add ons that provide the best savings potential for their business needs.

Seamless Data Access

With PBS archive add ons, users can navigate seamlessly through document chains – regardless of whether a portion of the application data has already been archived or not. This integrated, seamless data access is essential for enabling SAP customers to run their data archiving more aggressively.

By helping to shrink the initial SAP database and reduce operation costs significantly (such as TCO), it’s clear why PBS archive add ons have proven their success thousands of times globally.

Benefits of PBS Archive Add Ons

  • Seamless, fast data access to SAP database and archive files
  • 1:1 to SAP standard transactions and reports
  • Fast implementation without user training
  • Data extraction for audit requirements
  • Modular solution for all important SAP modules

PBS archive add ons: Data access to archive and online database