InfoArchive by OpenText

Reduce IT Complexity, Optimize Infrastructure and Ensure Regulatory Compliance

The Information Dilemma

Most organizations are experiencing a rapid increase of business information, as well as an increase in regulatory requirements. Legacy and enterprise applications are bursting with structured and unstructured data and content. And with the transforming enterprise, it’s becoming essential for organizations to provide access and analytic capabilities for this valuable information.

This accumulation and the desire for accessibility stretches capacity to the breaking point, with higher costs for servers, storage, application maintenance, database software and operations.

Keeping all information in its source or legacy application is neither cost-effective nor scalable. Adherence to regulatory mandates and internal information retention policies such as privacy, security and legal preservation requirements demands a unified compliant system that provides secure accessibility. And back-up is only a temporary measure since it’s difficult to access, not compliant and costly to reproduce. The maintenance of these systems is also a huge drain on budgets that could instead be focused on application infrastructure modernization.

The ideal solution to all these challenges must have the capacity to:

  • Ingest and retain all information types, structured or unstructured, in a consolidated repository
  • Provide the ability to audit and preserve data and content to meet a variety of regulatory and governance mandates
  • Easily manage simple to complex retention policies via an intuitive user interface for centralized retention policy management
  • Store information in an open, industry-standard format for long-term retention and easy access
  • Have no dependencies on the originating application for managing or referencing the information

Benefit from a Next-Gen Archiving Platform

InfoArchive is a next generation enterprise archiving platform that accelerates IT transformation by securing and leveraging critical application data – both structured and unstructured. It enables large scale application retirement and optimization of production environments and facilitates application data integration and reuse, supporting new users, cloud applications and analytics. InfoArchive enables corporations to preserve the value of enterprise information – to comply with retention and compliance requirements – in an easily accessible unified archive.


  • Ingest all data types – structured and unstructured
  • Rapid data access
  • Robust search capabilities
  • Better application performance
  • Date and event-based retention
  • Centralized retention policy management
  • Retention manager dashboards with visualization
  • Single and multiple retention policies
  • Inheritance of retention policies according to the classification of the archived information
  • Data security, encryption and privacy
  • Long term retention of regulated information
  • Archive hundreds of billions of records
  • High volume to single record ingestion
  • Ability to ingest from all application and database types
  • A single view of data and content
  • Not reliant on originating application
  • Open access to analytics tools
  • HDFS compatible
  • Integration with Dell™ EMC Isilon and Data Lakes
Archive all information types
Flexible controlled access to archived data
Open, industry standard format
No dependencies on the originating application

InfoArchive delivers immediate ROI by rapidly decommissioning legacy and redundant applications providing significant OPEX savings.


InfoArchive reduces corporate risk and ensures compliance with regulatory and legal mandates with comprehensive retention and eDiscovery capabilities.


InfoArchive contains the rapid growth of data-hungry applications by ingesting static data from multiple sources to a consolidated platform optimally storing, managing and securing data while simultaneously creating IT cost efficiencies.


InfoArchive enables better strategic decisions by leveraging all the formerly siloed information in your enterprise – laying the foundation for a Data Lake where customers can consolidate data siloes, improve access, secure data consistently and reduce the time to insights using new analytics technologies like Hadoop®.

Unique Approach to Information Archiving

InfoArchive represents archived information as xml objects, making unified access, query and reporting easy and fast. Tens of billions of objects can be archived, reducing cost of ownership. The benefits of archiving with InfoArchive are cumulative, so cost savings increase the more you archive.

InfoArchive helps meet compliance requirements such as retention, data encryption, electronic signature and time stamping. It also supports PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and complies with the Open Archive Information System standard (OAIS).

InfoArchive provides unified access to archived information so that authorized users (auditors, partners, employees, customers) can quickly find the information they need. Users can search for data across multiple datasets concurrently. Search times have been about two seconds for enterprises that archive millions of documents and data records per day.

Unlike any other archiving solution, InfoArchive’s unified approach to application archiving reduces costs, satisfies compliance regulations and enables application decommissioning in a single efficient and scalable enterprise software solution.

New in InfoArchive

AWS compatibility

InfoArchive is compatible with Amazon S3, allowing customers to use Amazon’s highly reliable, scalable, fast and inexpensive data storage infrastructure.

Enhanced eDiscovery

Strengthened functionality for companies to search and create defensible collections from the data sets managed by InfoArchive, for examination by inside counsel, legal representatives and other involved parties. Data sets can include any ESI ingested into Info-Archive, including high volume email. The eDiscovery functions include deduplication and metadata analysis.

Flexible retention

InfoArchive provides extreme flexibility for applying rules-based retention on managed records. Retention policies can be triggered during or after ingestion with rules managed by InfoArchive determining which retention policies to apply. This functionality also allows companies to maintain granular control over the disposition of records.