OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions

Improve Productivity and Mitigate Risks

Increase efficiency
by making SAP content accessible in and out of SAP

Achieve consistency and control
by leveraging SAP data, structures and authorizations

Reduce costs
by digitizing paper documents

Structured business processes and unstructured content have long been separated  and scattered across information silos. Employees spend hours searching for misplaced content or recreating it, costing organizations time and money. When organizations can’t find the right document or version quickly, they face legal risk and added costs. Tying unstructured content to its related structured data in the context of the business process solves these challenges.

OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions helps organizations reduce the time and effort spent managing, organizing and sharing information across business processes and makes content management a part of every SAP business solution. Built on the OpenText Content Services platform, it brings a secure and centrally managed content repository to business processes executed by lead applications, allowing the storage, control, transformation and retrieval of any type of electronic content and ensuring the right user gets the right information at the right time. Extended ECM for SAP Solutions makes it easy to connect Enterprise Content Management to any lead application to improve efficiency and control of, and access to, unstructured information. To support hybrid cloud environments, Extended ECM for SAP Solutions can be deployed both on-premises and within the OpenText Cloud.

Improve Content Accessibility

Extended ECM for SAP Solutions improves productivity by keeping a single source of the truth visible from anywhere by digitizing business processes and providing unified, 360-degree access to structured and unstructured information in each user’s preferred interface.

Users of SAP software have access to SAP and non-SAP content through their standard SAP interfaces, making it easier for them to learn and use the full range of Extended ECM for SAP Solutions functionality. Access to SAP content and non-SAP content can also be extended via the Extended ECM for SAP Solutions web interface, Microsoft® solution interfaces, other standard or custom-built business applications and mobile devices, empowering users who need to be part of the process but don’t need, or shouldn’t have, direct access to SAP enterprise applications.

Increase the Value of SAP Business Applications

Organizations have heavily invested in SAP business solutions to manage and control master data, transactional data and organizational information. Extended ECM for SAP Solutions leverages this investment, increasing the value of SAP business applications by adding corresponding business content automatically filed with the business context captured from SAP, making it available in a structured way to the contributing lines of business. Extended
ECM for SAP Solutions extends that capability beyond SAP to content that originates in other processes but relates to the same SAP master data. This means Extended ECM for SAP Solutions can always deliver the right content at the right time in the business process, whether the process starts in the ERP system or with the creation of the content.

The solution seamlessly follows the SAP roadmap, providing upgrades for any major SAP innovation, such as being powered by the SAP HANA® technology platform, certified for S/4HANA® cloud and on-premises editions or providing the standard integration into the SAP Fiori® framework.

Decrease Legal Risk

Organizations are at risk when they don’t know where their unstructured content is, who has access to it, if it still has value or whether it should be destroyed. They may overlook or lose valuable content or the wrong people may have access to it. Obsolete content may be kept unnecessarily, driving up storage costs and becoming discoverable in the case of litigation. Auditable content control and retention is also necessary to comply with various regulations.

With its certified records management capabilities, Extended ECM for SAP Solutions adds significant value for SAP customers who want to apply governance and manage SAP documents and non-SAP documents in a way that complies with data privacy, retention and documentation requirements. This records management function is certified to be compliant with the U.S. Department of Defense 5015.2 regulation on records management.

Reduce Storage Costs

Organizations can save costs by digitizing paper files and integrating the content of those documents into core business processes. Extended ECM for SAP Solutions supports the digitization of paper by scanning documents directly into the SAP business process. This allows users to connect a scanning device and release digitized versions of paper documents into the central ECM repository, where they can be controlled and used more effectively. The function also supports barcode recognition, enabling quick input of paper-based information.

A solution accelerator provides a best practice for an implementation of OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions in a specific business context, reducing cost and risk of such implementation projects.

OpenText provides solution accelerators for the most common business processes:

• SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) • SAP Work Manager (Syclo) • SAP Portfolio- and Project Management (PPM) • SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Bidding Process • SAP CRM Email Integration • SAP DMS (Document Management System) • Permission Management Based on User Assignment • SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) • SAP Environment, Health & Safety (EHSM) • SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) • SAP NetWeaver ILM Blueprint • SAP Master Data Governance for EAM (MDG) • SAP Solution Manager (SM) • SAP Procurement (ERP) • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central • SAP Transport Management (TM)

Make smarter decisions

An intelligent enterprise must leverage all sources of information to enable intelligent decision-making. By applying only data to machine learning applications, organizations are missing a valuable source of knowledge stored in unstructured content. Extended ECM for SAP Solutions enables both unstructured content and data to be used in machine learning applications.

Extended ECM for SAP Solutions is the SAP-Premium Qualified certified solution sold, maintained and supported by SAP, which delivers standardized, advanced content services to SAP business applications, removing the effort and cost of integration while eliminating the risk generated by an integration project and version compatibility.

The integration of the Extended ECM for SAP Solutions into SAP applications is going far beyond the simple point-to-point attachment of documents inside SAP transactions. It provides the information backbone, uniting business applications by making content easily available to business users as an inherent component of the end-to-end business process.

SAP (here S/4HANA): Sales Order Workspace

xECM SmartUI: Account (Customer) Workspace

Office 365 Outlook: Customer

Content-enriched business processes with Extended ECM for SAP Solutions