Archive Extraction Cockpit

Seamlessly Find the Data You Need

Locate, extract and analyze the exact data you need from online or archived sources.

Your database is a goldmine for anyone who wants to analyze and identify productivity gains or financial savings which can sometimes amount to millions. It also contains essential and critical information for tax audit purposes.

Achive Extraction Cockpit (AEC) is a certified solution allows the SAP Competence Centre to easily retrieve any table-based online or archived data. It also allows the business user (such as an auditor or tax manager) to extract the right data for their report preparation – all within the parameters set by the system administrator.

With AEC, you can save time, encourage proactive identification of abnormalities or errors, and meet audit demands for the business users. Technical users can also free up time to focus on their core projects, while still retaining full control of extraction process through automation and security parameters.

Features of Archive Extraction Cockpit

  • Large data extract at minimal time
  • Smaller extracts are returned within seconds
  • Schedule and automate large extracts
  • Table-based extract logic without any link to DaRT
  • File size and job timings are validated by the system administrator in advance
  • No risk of system performance problems or collapse
  • File output can be into a windows directory or content server
  • Extracted file can be used directly by another audit solution

Advantages of Archive Extraction Cockpit

Using AEC for data extraction provides different advantages for technical administrator and business users:

For system administrators

  • Fully automated
  • Optimized session time
  • Ability to define data size, number of extracts per table, specific date and time for extraction, and file output
  • Ability to set user level authorizations and security parameters
  • Helps your team to focus entirely on IT projects rather than ad hoc or regular data extraction
  • Optimized file size for AIS format


For auditors

  • Easily extract the right data at anytime
  • Schedule extracts on demand or periodically (daily, weekly, monthly, per fiscal period, quarterly, annually)
  • Define output formats (AIS, CSV, other flat files)
  • Create links between tables
  • Field level data selection
  • Complete traceability of finished extracts

Benefits of Archive Extraction Cockpit

  • Time gains to run regular, adhoc, defined, managed or continuous analysis
  • Meet compliance demands in a timely manner
  • Proactively identify abnormalities and errors, that can result to financial savings
  • Ability to address inconsistencies, if any, during the tax audit preparation before submission to tax authorities
  • Confidence of data integrity especially for tax audit preparation
  • Autonomy and flexibility for business users
  • Full system security and control by the SAP administrator
  • Assurance of system performance stability during extraction process