Archive Sesssions Cockpit

Automate and Optimize Your Archiving Process

Automate and optimize your archiving process, plus fully manage and control your archiving runs – all from one software.

Archive Sessions Cockpit (ASC) guarantees to the customer that all recurring processes of SAP data archiving are completed perfectly. This frees up internal resources to focus on more important tasks and provides a greater return on investment.

With ASC, you can forget complex and cumbersome manual data archiving and mastering the growth of the database volumes, while also delaying any new hardware investments, increasing the response times of the SAP system and keeping your users happy.

Features of Archive Session Cockpit

Some of ASC’s features include:

  • Automate mass data archiving (initial, regular, and selected dates)
  • Schedule archiving runs in sync with IT schedule and business calendars
  • Manage jobs and archiving sessions until completion
  • Achieve automatic recovery and restart of a session in case of interruption
  • Manage detailed archiving variants allowing fine archiving granularity (e.g. by country, company group, division)
  • Provide traceability logs


Advantages of Archive Session Cockpit

Using ASC to optimize your archiving process offers advantages:

  • Automatically manage the whole archiving process for you
  • Ensure error-free archiving
  • Improve the technical process of SAP archiving
  • Achieve continuity of end-user access to data, even if archived
  • Enable scheduled and on-time archiving
  • Facilitate the granular management of archives for business reason

Benefits of Archive Session Cockpit

  • Fully manage your database growth
  • Gain continuity of end-user’s access to archived data
  • Ensure no business interruptions due to archiving runs
  • Save workdays from the archiving project cost and from the manual implementation of the archiving process
  • Gain an ability to forecast and strategically plan for your hardware investments and other system upgrades
  • Retain the gains achieved from the archiving project
  • Facilitate regular archiving to maintain the ROI from the project