SAF-T Compliance

Achieve SAF-T Reporting Requirements with Ease and Speed

Meet your local SAF-T compliance requirement with precision and confidence,  while also maintaining central administration control.

All companies that are VAT registered, that achieve a minimum target revenue and that have operations listed in countries specific countries (such as Portugal, Poland, Spain, Luxembourg, Norway or in countries that will be enforcing SAF-T mandatory requirements) will be required to submit local SAF-T reports to the country’s tax administrators in accordance with a strict timeline.

TJC SAF-T software enables enterprise customers to meet these mandatory reporting requirements in many of the countries requiring the SAF-T submission. It provides full administrative control to the SAP Centre of Excellence (or SAP CC), while allowing local functional teams to manage the complete process and meet submission deadlines.

This SAP-certified solution from TJC is a complete extraction solution, featuring the right content for each SAF-T country reporting. It enables faster response times to meet SAF-T demands, along with an audit-friendly user experience.

Features of TJC SAF-T

Functions of TJC SAF-T include:

  • Extraction for SAP and non-SAP data sources
  • Data extraction according to specific country reporting content (i.e. VAT, Invoice type, Accounting entries, etc.)
  • Output in XML file for easy submission to government SAF-T upload sites
  • Security and authorizations assignment managed by SAP COE or SAP CC
  • Flexibility to expand the Add-On to include new countries that will be enforcing SAF-T
  • Audit friendly extractions to multiple formats (including .ais)
  • Data cleansing or enrichment possible with full audit trace and history

Advantages of TJC SAF-T

Using TJC SAF-T provides advantages for both technical administrators and business users:

For system administrators

  • Fully automated
  • Optimized session time
  • One-time installation for the base engine
  • Flexibility to integrate modules for each SAF-T country into the base engine
  • Central control by the SAP Centre of Excellence (COE) or SAP CC
  • Reduces IT workload by enabling auditors to extract the data
  • Low administrative and maintenance cost: one vendor, one contract

For auditors

  • Extract data from both SAP and non- SAP data sources
  • Saves time with audit-friendly user experience (i.e.: correcting FX data)
  • Automatic validation and checks

Benefits of TJC SAF-T

  • Complete solution for many countries with SAF-T requirements
  • Centralized control of a unified SAF-T process across all geographical locations
  • Meet submission deadlines in time with audit-friendly user interface
  • One standard base with flexibility to add future country modules as per local SAF-T requirement
  • Simplicity and flexibility: one vendor, one contract
  • Assured continuity with ongoing maintenance and ondemand support

TJC SAF-T Software is Currently Available Here

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