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Sigma Business Solutions

We are a Canadian company that develops and sells enterprise content and information management software. Sigma is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and services over 250 clients with a team of 125 employees.
Sigma is responsible for introducing the PBS Software Suite of products to North American and today still remains the premier partner of PBS Software in North America.


Solutions & Services

SAP Archiving for ECC
SAP Application Decommissioning
S/4 HANA Migration
Legacy Application Decommissioning
Enterprise Content Management Solutions
DART and SAF-T Compliance

PBS Software

PBS add-on solutions improve SAP ® environments.

PBS Archive Add On’s

The SAP database is exploding and response times increase constantly. You want to archive mature application data to improve system performance. However, you are afraid that archiving will restrict access to important information too much. For an upcoming audit, you need unrestricted data access (archive + database) and flexible data extraction options.

PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure

Is your SAP database growing rapidly and reaching vast data volumes very quickly? Here, the classical SAP data archiving features might reach their limits: the runtimes to index and manage vast amounts of data are too long! An efficient archive access for display and reporting is no longer possible.

PBS ContentLink

When storing thousands of files and documents, you can easily lose track of the results. Furthermore, there are high requirements for the compliant storage of SAP archive files, documents, print lists, etc.

PBS BW Archiving

There are thousands of records which contain valuable information that can be used more efficiently with PBS CBW. Especially if your data volume grows and grows and your SAP BW system might exceed its limits.

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