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SAP Archiving Services

With today’s rapid growth in digital information, along with increasing IT infrastructure costs and regulatory demands SAP customers face a number of challenges. Large volumes of data are not only expensive to store; they also impact system availability and reduce operating performance. Moreover, tracking all that data can create compliance and information governance challenges, especially when data needs to be offloaded from heavily used databases or preserved from decommissioned applications. 

Archiving data and documents efficiently and cost-effectively is therefore critical in an environment of rising IT costs and increased regulation and litigation. Archiving plays a key role in loss prevention and business continuity. For firms using SAP solutions, it is essential that their archiving and storage capabilities work seamlessly with those applications.

What We Deliver

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Active Archiving

Are you ready for HANA?

A HANA ready infrastructure: Smaller data sets also make for easier, faster, and more efficient SAP HANA in-memory database deployment, lowering the total cost of SAP HANA implementation.

Increased Performance

A comprehensive SAP data and document archiving strategy will help speed system response times. When non-current transactions are archived, searches and update/insert operations are faster.

What Is Information Lifecycle Management

Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) is an IT discipline for managing the lifecycle of business information from creation through destruction. ILM streamlines infrastructure by automating the placement, storage, retention, and function of live and legacy system information, while ensuring that this information is available to support compliance requirements, business analytics, and legal discovery.

Sigma Business Solutions has played a vital role in helping us with our Archiving needs. They have been available to us at all times, especially in emergency situations and are diligent, skillful and professional. They have consistently met and exceeded our expectations. We are very happy with our current engagement with them and hope to continue and expand in other areas. Imran Mohideen

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