PBS BW Archiving

More Speed for Queries and Excellent Data Compression

There are thousands of records which contain valuable information that can be used more efficiently with PBS CBW. Especially if your data volume grows and grows and your SAP BW system might exceed its limits.

The PBS nearline storage solution CBW NLS enables a best possible reduction of the BW database maintaining keeping a very fast, effective query access to the data in nearline storage. CBW NLS uses all advantages of column-oriented database technology to achieve extremely fast and transparent query access to InfoCubes, DSO, and even PSA tables. Data in nearline storage is ideally compressed.

Recently, the CBW functionality has even been enhanced to update data in nearline storage.

More than a hundred global customers benefit from the advantages of the SAP-certified PBS CBW NLS solution.

Reduce the load on the primary BW database

The much faster data access in PBS CBW NLS combined with the significant relief it provides for the primary database makes this solution essential for preparing for a migration to SAP BW on HANA.

The sophisticated and highly functional features of PBS CBW NLS provide a perfect fit to the SAP NLS interface. This makes it the unique software solution on the market which enables a really fast NLS data access for queries with navigation attributes or hierarchies.

Highlights – CBW NLS.

  • Extremely fast and transparent query access to NLS data for all BW InfoProviders
  • Very high data compression (typically > 80 %) through column-based database technology
  • Enhancements for the NLS interface providing additional data retrieval benefits
  • Unique monitoring and administration features
  • Covers SAP BW with classical databases as well as SAP BW on HANA

PBS CBW: Nearline for SAP BW (on HANA)